Portrait Commission

Talia Hayward has created a number of   unique mosaics, commissioned by private art  collectors from around the world. She assures complete discretion if requested. Whatever the idea for a mosaic commission, big or small, Talia is always happy to consider an art commission to create mosaics on any subject, famous person, pet, family member, architecture, abstract as well as self portraits.

She has been contracted to do different art pieces for different clients. Material requests vary from paper, washers, buttons  as well as Talia’s signature medium of Penny coins.

 Talia is able to provide her expert advice on any technical or care questions. All Talia’s mosaics are original ad unique. She may on occasion make one or more mosaic portraits of the same image, using the same, or different materials.

 Portrait Commissions take four to six weeks to create. If you have an idea for an art commission Please Contact Talia


*Shipping & Handling costs not included in cost of commissioned work*